5 Vintage IPA Beer Bottle Labels

In the spirit of #ThrowbackThursday, we decided to roundup a few old photos of IPA's for your entertainment. Enjoy!

1. Ashby & Co's Export India Pale Ale [1876]

This is a IPA label registered in 1876 by Ashby & Co which was a brewery founded in 1796 in Middlesex, England. The brewery ceased production in 1931.


2. Vintage Ballantine IPA Label [1930s]

Ballantine India Pale Ale was once once of the most popular IPA's in America. It was first produced in 1878 by P. Ballantine & Sons Brewing Co. and by the 1950's, Ballantine was the 3rd largest brewery in the country. The company was later bought out by it's current owners, Pabst, and has recently been resurrected.


3. Vintage Hinchliffe's East India Pale Ale Ad (1917)

This is a scanned image of an advertisement for Hinchliffe's East India Pale Ale which was brewed by Paterson Brewing & Malt Company. The ad was listed in the Evening News in October 1917 which was distributed in Paterson, NJ.


4. Vintage Ballantine's IPA Label [1950's]

This is another vintage Ballantine IPA beer label from the 1950's, just shortly before the brewery stopped production of this beer.


5. The Oldest Mention of an IPA [1829]

This is the oldest known mention of an IPA which was an advertisement in the Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser of Saturday, August 29 1829. 

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